GFS at ASE Plumbing & Heating Supplies

Who are GFS Gas Flex Systems?


GFS is a leading manufacturer of high quality and innovative, patented gas products. Our products include our own range of:


- CSST pipe and fittings

- Cooker and Catering Hoses

- Our Hob Line gas hob installation kit


Many of our gas products have unique features and benefits exclusive to the GFS brand. They're manufactured with the installer and end-user in mind to ensure your confidence in the GFS brand whenever you see our logo. GFS CSST is the safest and most efficient system in the UK. GFS PLUS is also the only genuine pipe-in-pipe, pre-sleeved CSST solution available in the UK. Our GFS Cooker Hoses are the only hoses to have a swivel end for ease of installation. And, GFS strives to pioneer the highest standards in gas products manufacture.