We are a family-owned business, founded in 1988 and today run by a management team that been grown and developed within the business. Our culture is based on collaboration and open communication and is something we are really proud of, and we feel that this has a huge part to play in why we are successful.

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We collaborate

We understand that the quality of our work is dependent on everyone around us, and that their work depends on us. By treating each other fairly and working together we know that we can do our best for our customers.

We are proactive

We think ahead and look for the best ways to get things done and deliver for our customers. This means we solve problems when we see them to ensure the end result is always the best it can be.

We take responsibility

We know that everything we do matters, and that our colleagues and our customers all depend on us doing what we say we are going to do. Taking ownership of our work and taking pride in doing a good job is second nature to us.

Life at ASE

We know that every part of our business depends on all of the other parts to work to the high standards that we have become known for since 1988. We succeed because we are all part of one team, each with our own roles to play within the overall story of ASE.


Our team offer personal, individual advice and design work from our on-site showroom which has a great range of kitchen and bathroom products on display. They assist customers on everything from the supply of individual items through to whole kitchen or bathroom designs.

Trade counter

The trade counter team have a huge wealth of knowledge and run extensive stocks of heating and plumbing supplies. They are always there to support trade enquiries and work with tradespeople throughout the area as a highly dependable supplier.

Warehouse and office

Keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes are the people looking after finance, purchasing, warehousing and delivery. Their work makes everything else we do possible.


We have our own in-house installation teams working across Ludlow and the surrounding area. They work directly with our customers, working to a really high standard.

When we recruit

We like to keep joining us as simple as we can.

As a start we will usually ask to have a chat with you on the phone or on Teams, just to get to know each other. We like to keep this fairly informal, and it’s a chance for you to ask questions and work out whether you, us and the job all feel like they fit together well enough to talk more.

After that initial chat, we’ll ask you to come in and see us in person. You’ll meet a couple of us from the management team and get a full tour of the site because we believe that we are all one team, so it is matters to us that you see how we all fit together as a business. This stage will be an interview, but we firmly believe that an interview is a two-way process, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to ask questions of us, as well as us for us to learn more about you.

We will ask about what you’ve done before, but equally important will be talking with you about what you want to do in the future, what you’re looking for in a job and what is important to you in a workplace. We want to make sure that you’ll be happy here, because that really matters to us.

If we’re not advertising any jobs at the moment, please drop us an email at to let us know you’d be interested if anything came up.

We won’t promise to reply quickly to an email like this, but we’d still like to hear from you.

What our customers say

Very helpful professional service.
Really went out there way with designing and supplying my bathroom.
Every last screw catered for and for a really good honest competitive price.

And whilst your there u also.need to.try the cafe which is also as good ??

– Sam Elliott via Google

This place has the largest bathroom / kitchen showroom display I've EVER come across and it's here in Ludlow!

– Max via Yell

First Class service. Helpful staff and Adam is one of a kind. Will always use ASE!

– D Young via Facebook